by KidTrapStar


And I'm hanging with the bros
Always running from these hoes
And counting up a check or two
That's just how shit goes

And I'm getting richer on the road
Got a full round load
I don't care if you get PoD
Cause my neck will always be on froze


Cause I'm ridin, yah yah
Ridin with the bros
All these bitches hating on me
Cause I ain't broke no more

Yeah i hit with a stick
Cause you a bitch
And I don't care what you say
Cause I know that I am the shit


Yeah We have semi automatics we ain't afraid to shoot yah yah
Sippin lean with my homie yah
Suck on your girls foot yah
Got Bape on and louie on the side
Got a couple racks and I keep them inside
Drop that ass down on this Bust down yah
Fk an Asian bitch give no fks now yah yah
Where's the cash running on this case now yah yah
Ima shoot that pussy boy down now yah yah

Nah I'm just playing
But you need to stop talking
I got more profit
Yeah just stop it yah
And I'm riding yah
You know me ok ok

(Hook and Chorus)

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