Crash Landing

All I Know

by Kid Ink

on Crash Landing (2010)

[Hook: Sterling Simms]
All I know, better bring out ya shades for all those flashing light
They can make you blind
All I know, you probably can't see my wings
But I'm gon' touch the sky, all I got is time

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
And I just checked in, home suite, life like Zach and Cody
All I do is win, get a trophy, only need one shot like Kobe
Remember when they didn't know me? Now everybody mad cause I don't speak
We welcome to Hollywood, I was born here I can act Hollywood
I'm going in, mock me, with a rock star crew like Motley
Cross, God couldn't stop me, I can feel it getting closer than a Mach 3
Mach speed, high up
I can see the game, from the skybox, shades always on like Cyclops


[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
Yeah, and I can't waste none, but I got a little money we can waste some
See through you lames like a lace front, I came from the bottom like a bass drum
Used to stand outside of the club, know if I ain't about it then I ain't in the club
Soon as I walk in they eyeing in the club, bum ass niggas all they got is a mug
And I thank God from above, that I ain't getting locked up or dying from a slug
We just rhyming for love and I just want fans like I wear shiny gloves
Cause I'm off the wall, headed to the sky like I'm off the law
Treat it like Trina, I'mma beat the odds, bitch


[Verse 3: Kid Ink]
Yeah, I said you better get your Ray Bans, you can find me where the shade ends
I keep it real no pretend, you motherfuckers faker than a spray tan
Take another look a your G shot, I'm 'bout to blow up like a G Hiad
No rush, have patience cause all I got is time like flavour
Here we go again, I'm not the one to go against
I'll crush you niggas like a soda can, man


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On All I Know by Kid Ink

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