Old Fashioned Gal

Old Fashioned Gal

by Kat Edmonson

on Old Fashioned Gal (2018)

In a high-tech-driven marketplace
Of communications and aerospace
Are you seeking something far less complicated?

If modern-day advancements do not seem to you enhancements
But instead abstruse and often overrated

Are you tired of being assailed by barrages of emails
And are pop-up ads destroying your morale?

Well then look no further brother
We were destined for each other
I'm an old fashioned gal

Is it often when you dine that you're also apt to whine
How you wished the spot had not a television?

The jokes your date was telling that ensued such LOL-ing
Weren't exactly what you're hoping heart envisioned

If you would care to dance but refrain for fear of chance
That what they may play might hurt your ear canal

Find this dating site too sleazy?
Contact me direct, I'm easy!
I'm an old fashioned gal

Bring bring me a good old fashioned telephone
One inextricably connected to a wall
Oh why be a slave to my telephone?
And God forbid that I should miss a single call or text or notification!

All the old ways of relating, making friends or even mating
Now are taking place in virtual locales

Just come over! Let's play records. How about a game of checkers?
I'm an old fashioned, I want to be romanced like an old fashioned
Old fashioned gal

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