Never Home

Our Troubled Selves

by Kaonashi

on Never Home (2016)

But it's still not enough
Drink more water, but it's still not enough
Clean my room up, but it's still not enough
If they keep asking me questions I'm going to erupt
What a freak; what's that kid doing here?
Look at me: 23 with the insecurity of a teenage demi-god
Clip your wings
It can't rain all the time, I can't be mad forever
Am I just growing up? Is this just changing weather?
I know I look weird, I know I'm nothing special
I guess everyone else is just perfect
I cannot stand everyone's fucking opinion
I look at everyone at see porcelain skin and pretty, straight, white teeth
Bite me
I look at myself and see everything
What's the difference between breaking down and breaking out?
Oh god, our troubled selves. Life won't change on Monday morning. I want to change
I want to change myself
Early twenties; the same old story
It's boring
I want you to run out your voice and leave me in silence again

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On Our Troubled Selves by Kaonashi

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