The King's Speech

by Kano

[Produced by The Confect]

[Intro: Sample from The King's Speech]
That is the stone of scone. You are trivializing everything. (I don't care how many royal assholes have sat in this chair). Listen to me, listen to me! (Listen to you, by what right?). My divine right if you must, I am your king. (No you're not. You told me so yourself, you told me you didn't want it. Why should I waste my time listening?) Because I have a right and I have a voice!

Better than he was before...
Better, stronger, faster...

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
Some bruddas say I fell off, they know it would never happened
I'm forever blacking out on every rapper out, imagine
Wordsmith, first-degree murders with these verses
Perfect, you would personally prefer if I adjourn this
Nervous, certainly you ain't emergin when I'm lurkin
Verdict, I'll be returning to the scene with all the hearses
It's a motherfucking burial, my nickname's daredevil
Justin Incredible, Justin's a general
Tell a little soldier I've been accustomed to chemicals
I'll take your life before you've even done something that's memorable
It's set in stone, respect the flow
The levels won't, unless the levels grow
I'm married to this shit, bruddas tried to crash the wedding so
I lit 'em up and anybody else that tried to get involved, I'm spilling guts
It's like another episode of Wire
Run a brudda over, knife below the tyre
Machine gun MC, expect a load of fire
I can find a hater anywhere but don't admire
The truth will expose a liar, it's proof the roads are quiet
New school, say another artist's over me it's like
New school, sayin' Kevin Hart over Pryor
I'm long-life milk, I won't expire
They don't know how strong I was built, I ain't a wire
Cement between the bricks, that's why I'm...


[Verse 2: Kano]
Murda dem, murda dem
King Kano, me no concerned with dem
Cry crybaby why am I burping them?
I'm a forefather blood, I gave birth to them
I am in a toga, I am the Greek God of flow cuz
Why would I condone these low-blowers and microphone up?
I am a boss, I am a don, I am a butt, no joke blood
I am the polar opposite to rappers with no cahonas
Say, if you don't like it vulgar then pussy, go suck your momma
In a coma till she comes and wakes up and murders her own son
See, I am Coca Cola, these chasers are Rola Cola
I'm chasing, these paper robots are chasing my shadow, slow up
I'm slaying these tracks like Noah in twos, who was the culprit?
Confused? Check my folder of tunes that make you own up
Mind's right, money's still right, you donut
Just ask who can murk Jools Holland and Logan
And who can build this art in a day? I'm no Roman
Now you can put them dots together and no colon

Now who's top three ain't I in?
If it's yours re-write it again
And if I still ain't in it then kiss your daughter's forehead
And stab your fucking self with the pen, pussy
Kano got his shine back
Like Rooney got his hairline back
Some chancers got a little bit of luck
But they won't make it through the night, dead right
Dead wrong, ever big on it, E3 is on it
No-no-no no way don't make me sizzle them
If they can't take the fire then pussy get out the kitchen then
G knows I'm a Pryor, let pussies say something different
You asked for this, cause thou shall not
Lose faith in KA, artistes and carpenters
They're Obi-Wan, this Yoda
They're Daniel, son, this Mr. Miyagi, Mr. Miyagi when I smell a traitor's odour
Shh, you can never ever tell me nothing
Done this ting, you do this, I does it
Top Boy, why a nigga wanna act thuggish?
Some of them your boy can't stomach
They say the more hungry, the skinnier the stomach
I say the more bigger then the bigger was the budget
I say a man's legacy is bigger than his wallet

Stronger, faster


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