Black & White

Black and White


on Black & White (2017)

[Verse 1, Black EL]
First cut is the deepest, on the couch like beavis
Lounging in adidas, asking "where u gonna meet us?"
Don't fuck with divas, only sades - Or alliyahs
Meet me at baracade, high score leader
Followed by a ting named Tia, barely ever see her
Talk in onomatopoeias, - always whip a Kia
Bumping princes Nokia, - hair out like chia
She too cold, but got no idea
Her man so-so, dont know how to treat her
But if u do, tell her hit my You
Tube, I'm cheffing cous-cous
Straight out the barber with a new doo
On my Shaka Zulu, hit the bowl no fruit loops

[Chorus 1, Mio]
Now it gets so cold
And I can feel it every night
I need something more
The picture is always black and white

[Verse 2, Biniyam]
Never seen anybody quite like you
I treat you good and you call me baboo
Saying you don't know about me and my vision
You can find Chef Bini cooking in the kitchen
Rings on, rings on
Saucin' with the wrist wrist, we could sing songs
Singing MJ, like the whole CD
"You should sing more, you sing better than me, oooh"
Sorry Ms. Jackson, now I don't want your daughter, got my own lil action
From a little town, she a tourist atrraction
Like she the only one that get me relaxing
Oh my she my blessing
Super slow songs get a brother two stepping
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, you shouldn't be stressing
It's all good, I'll invite you to the wedding

[Chorus 2, Mio]
But u need something more
Cuz I can't see u in the light
And I can't just ignore
The fact that you're afraid of heights
Why does it always have to be so hard to let it go
But I need something more
The picture is always black and white

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On Black and White by KASPERG

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