K.Y.D Works


by K.Y.D Works

Still steam dreamin' while the devil dream weavin' swear to God I only need one shot just to defy my reason
Here to defy the seasons
Hottest in the winter
Coldest in the summer
Nigga there's no other
Fast plans on to rap man my homie's gat man, got a new love for life and still can't get it right
Henny sippin' bumpin' renegades I'm a renegade time served up north dog three Years a slave
Now they think I got It made cuz my words excite the flame you sippin' goose wit OJ and still ain't got a minute made
My soul is the stimuli at least the piece that's still in I ain't got enough love to fill a thimble watch the doves cry
Gasoline in cages lite the match and watch the doves die!
War time so I'm war torn watch the world mourn
Walk around like War Machine gots ta keep the gun drawn!
Since this a police state the dream weaver reaps fate and there is not a moment in this realm where we can lose faith
Jake chase headhunt like date rape
They could kill a nigga on tape and tell us that the shit fake!
Who to trust?
Too many crooked cops ya right hands a fucxin op the same one to hug you storm ya crib like the juggernaut!
Never will the hunger stop, so I play the game to win
I swear the only way to rule the world is through my fucxin sin! Broken hearts here we go again rage disguised by lust
Give it all to turn the hands bacx still holdin' on to us
Who to trust inside of minds lie Jins with a wicxed grin!
Too true faith exist for who?
Lucifer was an angel then the lord cut him loose!
In my heart's the proof
Still can't find a better way, burn the bridge, and make a lane
My enemies in droves I have no fear unleash unholy flames!
What are my names Abbadon, Appolyon, Belial, we are Legion father the seals are broken wings are lighter now!
Within the souls of man we reside just biding our time the force of love is the thinnest veil that covers their eye
Tears of blood so you my kind whenever we cry
Shadows in the corridors of my mind
Three fourths of my soul in the pit!
I hold the last but why do I try?
Rhyme scheme dramatic, cinematic, still can't shake the habit!
Soul ain't for the takin' dog!
Devil already has it!
Now I'm fiendin' for the light like a fucxin cracx addict!
Death closin' in
Breathes shorten like I'm asthmatic
(Heavy breathing)...

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