West Ghost

You Say

by K.Flay

on West Ghost (2013)

You say I'm wrong I say I'm right
You say I'm gone I say I'm fine, boy
You say I will I say I won't
Just don't know how I'm supposed read into your convoluted mind
You say I'm sick not so to speak
You got this grip right over me, boy
You say I'm trapped up in a shell
Go fuck yourself, well I'm real sorry that you sacrificed your time
Tell me what it takes to keep your trust
Tell me what you want to love, in me
Guess I didn't cut you deep enough, to bleed, to bleed, to bleed, oh I see
You say I'm cruel I say I'm kind
You say you're free I say you're mine, boy
You wrote it out, in blackened ink
You seem to think that I can't read between the calculated lines
You lie alone, I try to join
Fight on your own, that's not the point, boy
You said your peace for forty minutes like at least
I'm barely breathing now you got me by the spine
You got this power over me, ahh
And I can't help myself, should let it go, wanna believe
But see when I've got a bit of heartache in my system
Know it's bad for me but I'm calling you
And you're crawling back baby that's a given
Try to focus, can't discern anything but the motion
Back and forth, say I'm a piece of shit, well that's duly noted
Crazy talk, I fucking love it
Regardless of your motives
I remain under your spell
And all the while I know you know it
Fingertips & I'm fastening
25th & like Madison
Try to make me move, but only half an inch
Gonna take your phone and I'm smashing it
I don't do this for my health, I do it so I feel like hell

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On You Say by K.Flay

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