by K-9

Damn is this beat in slow motion?
Got damn why this fucking beat so slow?
It's whatever though, fuck it
I'm still gone kill that shit man!

[Verse 1: K9]
You know how I'm rocking
Quite nice can't you see that?
You know that I'm cocky
Night life, where the weed at?
Imma keep it real how I feel
Where her weave at?
Still a hood nigga
So I'm good with the feedback
But Imma keep it moving
Till I'm cooling in jacuzzis
Floating through the clouds
Type of shit you see in movies
Except I don't die, only ride with a cutie
She hate trap niggas that's coming for her booty

[Bridge: K9]
So that's why I open doors for her
Hardwood floors for her
I've even got more for her
But what's worse I got more for y'all
Might need church involved
I confess that it's fuck every verse from y'all

[Verse 2: K9]
I'm living in the now
Trying not to look backwards
They ain't worried bout ya
Till ya zoom passed them
Then they like "How? Got damn, he a bastard!"
By the time he finished asking I was Casper
Yeah I'll do the most
For the most I could get
Niggas do the most
For some throat from a chick
All ya gotta do is ask
Shit I might introduce ya
Most these niggas trash
But they got a producer
That's how the game goes, I ain't hating
Fuck I want a Range Rove too
Tired of skating
How much longer God?
Shit I'm tired of waiting
I know you've got plans
Can they be before I'm eighty?
Damn. And that's real rap that Keith's speaking
You can ask the deacon
Or even as the Pope
I stay away from Coke so I'm sipping on this Sprite
Staring at her ass it was love at first sight
My third eye on the money
Yeah I'm caught up in that life
Young Hot Boy, K9 at ya wife

Real shit and I'm out nigga
I said I'm out nigga
I said I'm out...

But I'm still here!

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