Undress My Soul

by Juniper Lane

on Tightrope (2001)

The stream was strong, and swept me in
along with answers that could not swim.
My dreams were jilted and left behind,
forced to cower in the back of my mind.

I know I will get used to this solace,
but now all I taste is bitterness.

I've shared your breath, I've made you whole,
and still you can't undress my soul.

I shouldn't have drifted, I should have fought,
I shouldn't have buried the fear 'neath the
But the waters were warm, and so trapping,
the dream-catcher just wasn't catching.

The water still stings my eyes,
I still can hear your lies,
they echo from the stream to sky.

You better float along, down your next kill,
I'll search for answers, at least until
I've fought the tide, and found the sand,
sought out the wide unbroken land.

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On Undress My Soul by Juniper Lane

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