Kings of The Dancefloor!


by Jump Smokers

on Kings of The Dancefloor! (2010)

[Jump Smokers]
I party like a rock star
Look like a movie star
Play like a allstar
F*ck like a porno star
Baby imma superstar (x4)


And you know its been a wild f*ckin night
Come see me, Q W O T E
A wild f*ckin night
With you, me, her friend, and she
Camera on record so give it what you got
Baby show me
We're superstars here
Yeah you Pamela and
I'll be Tommy Lee
Got a bottle of Patron, baby let's get it on
I could ride that all night long
I'm Lebron in the bed, King James of sex
Would you do it with your panties on?
Im superstar baby, shootin stars in the back of my car with ya (with ya)
Cuz I party like a rockstar, look like a movie star, f*ck like a porn star



Anybody wanna mothaf*ckin die?
Come see I
Who? Me, P I T
That chico way off in the cut talkin' bout
F*ck VIP
Them boys never talk, same thing as the block
Now we flippin it, a rock
They dont listen to rock and roll and heavy metal
But they sell rocks and rolls and bust heavy metal
See them boys in the bottom on another level
So fine, to the point that they dont take a devil
Put the gate to his ass, thats what it is
AK 4 7 welcome to the crib
Go deep chevys, more heat heavy, wont be ready, y'all force pity
Cuz I party like a rockstar, look like a movie star, f*ck like a porn star


[Jump Smokers]

Anybody wanna dance?
Come see us
J U M P to the smokers
We got that smoke, we got that fire
We got that golden touch
And we dont respect so if you wanna try
Put a couple of them bucks (ch-ching)
We superstars and I party like a rockstar, cut like a porn star


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