Songs About Decay


by Julia

on Songs About Decay (2004)

she's got good manners
she shivers like a leaf
she drinks some water
she talks about a lot of things

she's got some friends
which have some friends as well
she sleeps with doors locked
(to) avoid the things waiting outside

she's got no mirror
she's got contracted eyes
her biggest wish is a heart
to fake real life

she's got some drugs
she's got some awesome pills
she lost her self–esteem
but nevermind robots don't feel nothing

she's such a goddess
useful in every way
she stops to drown
when fire's all around

nevermind the panic
you will get used to it
it's just another bleak place
forget what you did

she thinks she's pregnant
which makes her feel alright
and her pony-tail
will make a good trophy tonight

spit at me
you don't need a reason
it's just in case
you never know what comes next
spit at me
you don't need a reason
spit in my face

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