Bread & Roses

Out Of Control

by Judy Collins

on Bread & Roses (1976), Bread And Roses (1976)

It seems I've always been in charge before
I made the rules and they were followed
The men I loved would gather at my door
To wait the word for the day

I must admit I had my moments
When I wished the world would suddenly go mad
But then I'd come back to my senses
And think how sweet was that freedom I thought I had

Out of control you send me
I never know where it will end for me
You put the lights in my head, a song in my bed

Oh, nothing I say can change you
You know your way, life is clear to you
All I can do when you call me is follow
Oh, I am a woman as sensible as can be

Out of control, you spin me
Take me again, your love is winning me
I'd follow you anywhere you say
I fell in love with you today

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On Out Of Control by Judy Collins

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