Josh Tate

Josh Tate [Little T] || BL@CKBOX S16 || Ep. 3

by Josh Tate

Bend over
Come on and bring your friend over
I said bend over
I said arse so big I nearly fell over
Josh Tate
Little T
Bl@ckbox, you know this ting
Yo, like, like, look, look

[Verse 1]
I been jugging, and jugging, and jugging all night
For a white kid that space, yeah I'm alright
Got gang to the left, girl to the right
So, if you want beef, are you looking for a fight
Are you taking the piss?
I know man that are rocking with the sticks
I know man that'll take the rolley off your wrists
You know Little T fresh down to his kicks like
I woke up to the badder bitch that I ever seen
Same waist, nice batty and her eyes are green
I didn't even know her name if you know what I mean
Shed [?] said I'm only 15
It's me and Taylor on the block
I know man that are shotting off rocks
Shotting off rocks so then they can provide
Shotting off rocks so then they can survive
When I walk to the town, everybody's talking
It's VIP everywhere that I walk in
I'm wearing gold that man ain't affording
Bro, so man stop talking
Doing this grime ting til night til the morning
Ain't gonna stop til I'm dying and performing
Look, I make money bro what do you mean
10 million views and I'm only 15
When I'm old yeah, yeah I'm gonna be supreme like it's 2015
I already told yous, 15, I get down with the olders
If you wan' beef then a man will fold yous
Sick of these Blackpool people, 'cause they're like vultures
Sick of these people always trying to evolve us

[Verse 2]
Oh sorry
See man are thinking they sick til the war starts coming
They see Little T, man start running
Little fake youts that think that they gunning
Blackpool take over yeah we're coming
You're beautiful to the top to the bottom
Ay, let me tell you suttin'
Look, let me tell you suttin'
Girl on my right, girl on my left
Looking at her arse yeah, I'm looking at her breast
Looking at her, yeah I'm feeling impressed
She can say that I'm not a good boy
She can tell by the way that I dress
Looking at me, and I'm looking all fresh
Hey look, I know man that grind for the paper
That'll rob you like bye, see you later
Spanish ting like yea, hi senorita
Send her a Snapchat, when can I meet yah
I told her I'll be 'round by 8
I was early so I couldn't be late
I picked her up then I took her on a date
You know Little T bro, we don't stay mates like
[?] going in

Josh Tate
You know this ting
Bl@ckbox you know
Look, yo, like, look

[Verse 3]
Yo Glen
[?] year 10's
Stop lying, don't pretend
Kin Dixon's going on like I'm his friend
Last time you come to Blackpool, you got run out the ends
Last time you come to Blackpool, you got run out the ends
I told Dilly Alley try mention my bro
If I see you on roads, you be getting on toes
'Bout Taylors dad is a nonce and I'm making it known
Sitting there in Fleetwood blazin' [?]
Alex asked me the side of your dome, Alex asked me the side of your dome
Look, look, look
Like Kean, bro, you can't handle me
You got done for touching mo' family
You got done for rape and battery
Like FY7, boy can't keep up
Offer you a straightener, but you don't meet us
Say you're gonna ride upon my gang, yeah, but yeah you don't see us
We're at parties, getting on
You're at parties, getting arse foot
You don't keep up
Little wasteman, manna can't keep up

Josh Tate
Little T
You know this ting

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