J Doze

Johnny Bravo

by J Doze

[Johnny Bravo sample]

I keep the shades on
Like Johnny Bravo
Black tee with the jeans
Like Johnny Bravo
And im jettin out the door
Like Johnny Bravo
Straight flexin on them whores
Like like
I Keep the shades on
Like Johnny Bravo
Black tee with the jeans
Like Johnny Bravo
Swag all the way
Like Johnny Bravo
And when I step of the stage
They like Johnny bravooo

(Verse 1)
Yea im somethin like Johnny
Can't wait to be king like Donnie
I want it all
Without the pickles, Tommy
Vixens behind me
Im so far gone it'd be a mission to find me
Shit im so nice that these niggas hate kindly
Yall muthafuckas will respect my hustle
The game like a belt and im fitna be the buckle
Do it all by myself
Like sprout without brussel
Yea its either feel me or fuck you
That the motto
I do it big on the low, Rondo
My dorm like a condo
You could see me shinin with a blindfold
Clap clap bravo


(Verse 2)
Now Ima give her that four course meal dick
Hop on, kill shit
Cold front, Dream Bigg
Now do the Johnny Bravo
Im getting bread
Big bread like I won the lotto
Do what you said
Give me head like you getting paid
Hey, I swear these bitches really think im famous
Leavin with a different girl than I came with
Wasn't the plan
But I got dozens of fans
Who show nothing but love
Im so fuckin above it all nigga
Pigs will fly the day I fall nigga
Who am !? shit…
Oh im that tall nigga
Im that in your girl's drawls nigga
Im that everywhere I go I hear claps and applause nigga

(Chorus 2x)

(Bridge 4x)
I love it when they call me Johnny Bravo
Throw your hands in air if you's a true player

(Verse 3)
Now can I please get a standing ovation
Im on my way to goin place so far I can't read the location
Pop bottles
We don't need an occasion
Bravo and encore
When im leavin the stages
Im breakin news
Runnin shit and I ain't even laced my shoes
Comin with that lyricism they can't do
Yea im great times two
In this race they lose
It ain't fate, I choose
What happens from here on
Im tryna write check that at the top says dear mom
Its gon take some time but please don't fear long
Your boy is on his grind
Can't stop nor steer wrong, you feel me