John Mellencamp

All The Best

by John Mellencamp

on John Mellencamp 1978 - 2012 (2013)

I wish you love And happiness
I guess I wish you All the best
I wish you don't Do like I do
And ever fall in love with Someone like you
Cause if you fell Just like I did
You'd probably walk around the block like a little kid.
But kids don't know They can only guess
How hard it is To wish you happiness

I guess that love Is like a Christmas card
You decorate a tree You throw it in the yard
It decays and dies And the snowmen melt
Well I once knew love I knew how love felt
Yeah I knew love Love knew me
And when I walked Love walked with me
And I got no hate And I got no pride
Well I got so much love That I cannot hide

Say you drive a Chevy Say you drive a Ford
You say you drive around the town till you just get bored
Then you change your mind For something else to do
And your heart gets bored with your mind and it changes you
Well it's a doggone shame And it's an awful mess
I wish you love I wish you happiness
I wish you love I wish you happiness
I guess I wish you All the best

-Written by John Prine

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On All The Best by John Mellencamp

By Juliana Mark-Pulley


Was it the song you were looking for? No

IA song on John Prines Playlist & sung by a male, maybe him. I only heard one sentence of the song. "Do you need some money?" Or it may have been "Do you want some money?" I have looked everywhere, including your "fuzzies". But just can't seem to locate it. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!! Thank you! Fun website, also, very thorough & user friendly!
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