The Black Jacket Prelude

Hunting Grounds

by Jinari Kemet

on The Black Jacket Prelude (2020)

[Verse 1]
(The champ is here) x3
Check, check
Yeah, yeah
Now it's the Big Bad Wolf
With a chip on his shoulder
What the fuck is Sub-Zero nigga
I'm much colder
With the cadence
And vocal control
Provoking your lows
And mentally eradicating all who oppose
But who knows
I might switch it and deliver a blow
To ya nose
And strike a pose
I suppose, hey (I suppose, hey!)
You can say I'm taunting after a K.O
In Smash Bros
Send him the rhythm
Heaven better check the tempo
I slow it down man cause death can be involved
You crumble under pressure, but you know I can shake it off
I keep my hands down, like I'm ready to take a loss
Then catch 'em off guard, make an enemy pay the cost
I'm swift with it
The way I move with the quickness
The last motherfucka went to blink and he missed it
I paid my dues, ain't nothin' to prove
A villainous groove, whenever I step up in the booth I'ma kill shit

[Verse 2]
Bow down to the one supreme
The Dawg is mean
And ain't nobody joining my team
I got a reputation cause I'm more dangerous than I seem
So get your i
Phones and enjoy the scene
And that's the only thing you capturin'
Cause when I'm on the hunt there ain't nobody faster than
The mad boy, when I'm in my bag, savagely ripping these rap niggas
Delivering bad news to the critics who wanna trap me in
Try to put me in a cage I dare you
1100 pound bite, better be careful
Keep fucking with the Wolf and I'ma make an example
You say you want that raw shit
You getting an earful
All you half-steppin' niggas gettin' stomped in the floor
A new welcome mat, lay 'em out in front of my door
I know you heard some other rappers get bitches before
But you ain't heard it like this, I'm coming straight for your throat

[Verse 3]
Sharp teeth
With the Mark of the Beast
You can find me in the 2-1-6 on the East
I'm your worst nightmare, now it's hard to sleep
I'm on the prowl with a bloodlust, ready to eat
Anybody can get, so step up to the challenge
Just give me a reason to put my rage in to practice
Fuck a therapy session, don't try question my status
I got it under control, I'm the king of my palace, nigga

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On Hunting Grounds by Jinari Kemet

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