Gems By Jim

Letter to Daddy

by Jim Ed Brown

on Gems By Jim (1967)

They brought me a letter from my little girl
My sweet little baby with long golden curls
The address was printed with crayon of red
A letter to daddy and here's what it said.

Hi daddy, how are you?
I guess I'm okay except this bad cold
But I feel like a big girl now
'Cause yesterday I was seven years old.

And that little puppy dog you sent me
Why he's just as cutest as he can be
But daddy, it wasn't just like a birthday
Why couldn't you have been here with me?

Daddy, I don't understand
What happened in court that day
I ask mommy where you are
And she just says daddy's gone away.

Is it something that I did wrong daddy
You never did fuss at me
But if you'll come home I'll climb upon your lap every night
And I'll be just as sweet as I can be.

Daddy each night I ask God to
Make you keep loving me the way you used to
Oh daddy, if I'd give mommy this letter
I know she won't mail it to you.

So I'm gonna look all over this city until I find you
Then maybe you'll see just how much we need you, daddy
Mommy and me
And I love you daddy.

They told me how she started walking downtown
There at the crossroads the car's struck her down
She lay in the ditch all covered with sand
A letter to daddy was clutched in her hand...

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On Letter to Daddy by Jim Ed Brown

By Mora Simamora


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🥳

Thank you
I've been searching this for long long time and I really am so in love with this lyrics.
Many thanks . I love you
By ms. lane


wow, I had this song on a 45 when I was a little girl; I had no idea who sang it and I have searched for it for so long, thank you
By Peter Bengtsson


That's fantastic. I'm so happy for you.

PS. I built this website so it gives me heart to hear stories like this.
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