Dream Of Me

by Jewlia Eisenberg

on Trilectic (2001)

(imagined Asja)

(Susan Buck-Morss, in her book The Dialectics of Seeing about Benjamin's Arcades Project, describes Asja's frustration with Walter's nebbishy behavior. She suggests the potential longing for more of a John Reed character, less of a rootless cosmopolitan. When Asja and Walter met, he was married with a son. She had two lovers and a daughter.)

I won't break up your home, I got one of my own.
I ask but favor one: Just that you dream of me.
Your wife is beautiful and true. She will not do the things you do to her to you. I give her all her due. But will you dream of me?

Oh will you dram of me when you close your eyes?

Go on, let Gerhardt judge me cuz I let Bernhard touch me. I tell you what: He couldn't budge me if you would dream of me.
I'm not an arcade in gay Paris. I'm neither phantasm nor fetish nor commodity. I'm just the real thing - free! And all I'm asking for is just a little bit of your dream state.

A loving father to your boy. A pride and joy above all other joy. It's good to give him every waking bit of time,
But when you close your eyes, le me come to mind.
I dreamt I had you in my bed. I dreamt you had me on all fours.
I dreamt you fucked me like John Reed, and I'm a good red - I pushed back and begged for more.
I dreamed the vanguard of the left she came so hard she had to scream -
So now close your eyes and dig the dream that I dream.

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On Dream Of Me by Jewlia Eisenberg

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