Wishes Well Disguised


by Jess Klein

on Wishes Well Disguised (1998)

From the day I came to town
Shopkeepers have shown me photos
Old Mrs.Green sat me down
Told me the tale with her eyes closed
There was a girl of such beauty
She never had to be greedy
She never spoke badly to us
She never spoke that much
And I tried to join them in church
But I'd smelled this stain before
And this time it turned me for the worst

Chorus: Charity she always seemed such a martyer yeah
Faith how she plays hard to get
Often I have heard them speak of Angelina
Angelina I never once have meet
Angelina I never once have meet

You can imagine the pressure
Being a good girl like me
It's just like being a good boy
With no woman's breast from which you pretend to wean
And old Mrs. Green would not have it
And my friends at the factory
Neither could they break their habits
Seeing my thoughts as an outsiders luxury
And I tried to hold my chest high
But I cringed when he touched my hair
I cried I'm sorry but don't bother to try


They're out at Higgens' barn
Bartering with a bible
And I'm at the washbasin and chopping my hair off
And singing revival


So I stumbled down to the stone house
To grow back immortal
She was smoked in a booth
With a plateful of cigerettes
I laughed, pardon me miss
Are you Angelina?
She said good lord
She said honey good guess

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