Me, Trav & Slime

Rager At Heart (Bonus)

by Jerome Marquise

on Me, Trav & Slime (2020)

[Intro: Jerome Marquise]

No limit, No limit, No limit
Girl where the fuck you been?
I just really don't know what I could say
Thought you was bae
Thought you was mine
But I will cray, just not my day
But it's OK
It's OK
It's all right
I'll be better
I'll get right
Its OK, I'll get better
Where you at baby?
You not special

[Verse: Jerome Marquise]
Ima rager at heart, that's what set me apart
From the rest of dat pack, And that's just a fact
If you dont like dat, You can go kih my ass
Better yet bitch, You can swim with the fish
Swim ina coo just like a lake, Tryna get cake
They tryna be cray, But no kid Cudi
They all gone love me
Eat til I'm chubby
Rap like a mummy
Im Counting through hundreds
Counting through bands
Yes I'm the man I do what I want
You do what you can
When shit hit the fan
Will you be a fan?
Question for ya mans
You can take that with a grain of salt
Its you fault

[Outro: Jerome Marquise]
Enter my mind, enter my thoughts
Watch your back, you can get lost
I created a world, just you and I
Hop in the back, baby lets ride
Baby lets ride

(CD rewinding)
[Plays Usher's "No Limit (Remix)"]

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On Rager At Heart (Bonus) by Jerome Marquise

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