Jemineye & Uncle Dingus


by Jemineye & Uncle Dingus

(Verse 1: Jemineye)
Wait, god damn for heavens sake
While you masturbate religion's what I recreate
Close the seal but I still see my fate
My face will be on billboards but for that day I cannot wait

(Verse 2: Uncle Dingus)
I'm an early 90's baby august 6 of 93 till infinity
Music mapping laws are my enemy
Talking 'bout producing how 'bout reproducing the real
So fuck how you feel strap up and meet me on the battlefield

(Verse 3: Jemineye)
Born in 96 I wasn't born in 93
If you need some answers then come up to me
Open up your chakra's so you can see
The power within you, everything is energy

(Verse 4: Uncle Dingus)
Who is this in my presence the essence of a earth
Beautiful woman on this planet she dropped her heels shirt and her skirt
Did the Dirt Mc
Girt, hit it flip it and then I bailed
Swimming in a solemn sea switch your soul to sail

(Verse 5: Jemineye)
Only time will tell so just focus on yourself
Take away you're hatred and put in on the shelf
Focus on you're happiness and not about the wealth
When you realize it'll hit you like a bell

(Verse 6: Uncle Dingus)
It's the eternal fate I meditate you medicate
You sit and wait but my internal shine blinds it is innate
Instinctively ignite incense when I'm passed tense
But wait we're all gods but still the devil you must face

(Verse 7: Jemineye)
I'll be the best but I'm still taking baby steps
Can't hit the ground too hard cause my life will be a mess
Occasional ses so I can feel less stress
My life is a test and I'm making progress

(Verse 8: Uncle Dingus)
My minds a palace lit up by aurora borealis
The northern lights I see my chakras when I sleep at night
Third eye sight get right get hype or get split
Like I gut my blunts from back to front lace up medical spliffs

(Verse 9: Jemineye)
Face it my music is the greatest
Racists may hate this but ignorance is basis
And famous for human beings in this nation
Figuratively speaking I'm an oasis I'll never be on hiatus

(Verse 10: Uncle Dingus)
Enduring the endo got that loud we are smoking crescendo
Don't pretendo dro and dough before nintendo
Shout outs to the ones who recognize I'm a pharoh
No innuendo but smoke is blowing out of the window

(Verse 11: Jemineye)
I can see the world outside of my window
People should know not to give me innuendos
Cause I'll just assume the best of the info
That's given to me simplicity is my syndrome

(Verse 12: Uncle Dingus)
Nine to fiver lake of fire delivery boy for hire
Don't admire you liars make you acquire black attire
My potential is that of somebody mental you're a stencil
Just an outline I'll outshine those who fucking doubt mine

(Verse 13: Jemineye)
Unlucky like 13 but I'm not another fiend
Dozens of people at my shows is good enough for me
Eliminate the cancer that infests in my dreams
I got like 10 best friends and that's all I really need

(Verse 14: Uncle Dingus)
Planets aligned in time for the shrine spewing out the serpents
I give life a purpose you propose your soul for petty purchase
Your life's worth is that of dirt since birth
But my soul's the sun with enough shine to light the whole earth

(Verse 15: Jemineye)
I live in Maine but I was born in Arizona
Marijuana's the drugs that kids are fond of
Do you wanna get away from all these prima donnas
I'm trying to be happy and reach a state of nirvana

(Verse 16: Uncle Dingus)
Boom bap in ya raps and it's crap but perhaps
The fact is you act shit your not sick your wack
Get back kid my style's an art smart and sharp as a dart
Jump inside your soul and rip the mother fucker apart

(Verse 17: Jemineye)
Why talk trash all you rap about is cash
You'll get a backslap or have to kiss my ass
In a flash I'll turn my audience to upper class
Decisions are rash but it's the only way to mass

(Verse 18: Uncle Dingus)
It's common that they pay homage to the honest man
But to acknowledge your conscience is harder than teaching compassion at a nazi camp
I am the truth just being honest man
I am the seeker of knowledge with solid gold soul to top it damn

(Verse 19: Jemineye)
Who's next to deflect
Reject's deflect reject to protect themselves from direct conflict
I'm always suspect for subjects
Involving resurrect of disrespect

(Verse 20: Uncle Dingus)
My mass mental mortality makes music even listen
Radio turned to toilets full of fucking piss and shit and
Just listen to what I'm spitting sippin' spliffin' hieroglyphing
Eagle head bodies lying body of a lion I'm a griffin

(Verse 21: Jemineye & Uncle Dingus)
We live life through the sight of light
(We happen to send signals through cymbals to satellites)
Yeah that's hella tight
(You heard us catch us breaking down the fucking barriers)
We are the carriers of the lyrics that'll endanger ya "we're Infinite"

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On Infinite by Jemineye & Uncle Dingus

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