Campbell & Algar

Campbell & Algar

by Jehst

on Campbell & Algar (2016)

[Verse 1: Jehst]

Under dressed like Hunter S at his blunted best
My hardest decision in life is skunk or cess
I get down like James Brown the funky prez
Reading my own reviews screaming f*ck the press
Getting drunk and depressed I need something fresh
Before this lifestyle results in a sudden death
I'm feeling like a shrunken head in a pickle jar
Groucho Marx glasses, moustache, big cigar
That's the story so far I just skipped a part
My lady friends sneaks my beer into the cinema
But that's a common bar from a rap snob
You're a fat slob who should of been a hand job
I'm a gypsy, Hendix had a band off
And brought the klashnekoff to the Mexican stand off
Smoking the medicine with Gandalf
Celebrating up north but representing down south

[Verse 2: Lee Scott]

Sassenach pommy, Asda bag Johnny
Lad I'm mad c*cky I'm in Barry Grants posse
Winning with a last minute jammy twat volley
Blag bobbies with a thousand Garry Ab's on me
Oochie Wally you'll be sorry got the funk like Morri
When I think about it, that rhymes with something probably
Looking like a young Axel Rose
I don't do nothing, I just sit back and pose
I'm stingy when it comes to giving sh*ts
The Noam Chomsky of idiots
The stupid version of Einstein
All three point one four one blah blah five nine of the Pi's mine
Don't understand that line? Fine, neither do I
I greet you with bye, hi when I leave on the sly
To bunk an Uber taxi
And can't read my own writing like Luca Brasi
That's why I might seem dazed
Acid rain stains turned me white T beige
But I walk around town like it's sound
(Give me a bell) I might be living in hell but I'm nice enough to invite you round

[Verse 3: Jehst]

The boy got bars he really sell the bars
Getting down with your marge to some El De
Or maybe your aunt I can't tell them apart
Fly sh*t I put the tail feather in the dart
Dressing like a 95 era Everlast
And to think they said this rap sh*t would never last
Why everybody want to rap hella fast
I'm in the bath with a copy of the Telegraph
Hot body in the lobby tell her send her arse
I study Frank TJ Mackey seminars
And art house flicks in bourgeois cinemas
On the flip Slick Rick sitting in my car
I'm a king like Kublai Khan
Pulled the strap back I didn't make the gat clap I pinged her bra
So pin that on your cork board
I do the math like a teacher with a chalk board
The drifters back, under the boardwalk
Steady getting internet paper the way I Talk Talk

[Verse 4: Lee Scott]

S.W pound sign G
Just let the crazy round eye be
My sh*ttest sh*t sh*t's on your best song
Read between the lines it says f*ck you spelt wrong
But wrong's the new right
I wear my sunnies in the night cause the moonlight's too bright
Hush, I make your mother effing mother blush
Forget the lean, I sip a Sprite for the sugar rush
And then it hit me like a blunt of Kush
Or a sucker punch to the grid, you can't f*ck with the kid
I can't believe he just done what he did when he done it
Dumb sh*t

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On Campbell & Algar by Jehst

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