Summa Shawty

Summa Shawty

by JayInTheCut

on Summa Shawty (2018)

We back in this

[Verse 1]
Lately, I've been thinkin' 'bout this girl I met some time ago
We was coolin' down in Arizona, now I'm all alone
We was in the summer, havin' fun, we had some time to blow
My boys and I was playin' cards on decks of hotel patios (Okay)
We was kickin', coolin', 2:00-5:00 was when we had to go
Between 11:00-9:00, we was sleepin' to rest the cardio
But now my boys done left, and my girl she fell like domino
And I started stackin' cheese like I'm stuffin' crust at the Dominoes
Hella flamboyant with the clothes like I used to be
But now the only way to stand out is Off White and jewelry
I don't like where I'm headin' like I'm leadin' to my eulogy (Nah)
But my watch is still tickin', 7 seconds 'til a newer me
All my life searchin' for the one, but I ain't found her yet
Everybody sayin' when you find her you will not forget
I think that I found her but I know she that she didn't find me yet
Still waiting for her call, 7 years, before I'ma jet (Zoom)

[Verse 2]
Never pop a pill, but I'm dreamin' like I live on Mars
Every time I see her reflections in my eyes like shooting stars
Only real rapper ain't in jail, but I'm still spittin' bars
Now everybody commenting on who I'm with, or what I wore
I might start a riot on oppression, and just go to war
Or I'll see all of the disciples and just pull out my scimitar (Schling)
While y'all dudes chuggin' six packs, I'm out here workin' on my core
I'm preachin' to the choir, getting drowned out by the kitty roar
World is made of people that all do their part to make it own
But lookin' at these pictures, seeing bigger than my cell phone
New age is a sickness and I caught it like I'm Odell, thrown
But I'm still a junior like I'm gonna be the heir of Odell's throne

[Verse 3]
I'm with yo' girl, and she like to cheat (Mhmm, Okay)
But I know if I ever see her you gon' wanna freak
So I'ma make her stay loyal, at least today this week
But if she cheatin' dude then maybe you the one who leaked
You still call her yo' girl for the feelin' of security
But if it keeps breakin', how long 'til that shit's a mutiny?
And even when you call it off, you different than you used to be
So all these girls the same, they bringin' pain, and sometimes eulogies
Notes and overdoses usually mean the same thing
Pain on top of pain, because of head and 'cause of migraines
All these rappers takin' pills and more to make the pain fade
But the high is temporary just like they current wavelength

[Verse 4]
But how am I different than the other guy?
I'm still makin' music about diamonds, girls, and other lies
Never held a diamond on my neck, that was my mama's ice
Eventually, I'll make it to where I can always afford the price
But sometimes, I like to flow and go to other planets
I'm always writin' heavy bars, but I ain't talkin' Xanax
I got all these goals, but my end all is my Plan X
A knife and a paper is all I need to plan it
Steady in my feelings, my girl Keke ain't do much
I'm always in my head, tryna make the next move up
Tryna make a song that's like Chance, with a hint of "Shoota"
But the fallacies/corrections make me think I need a tutor

[Verse 5]
Society wants me to buy the new Patek it's two-tone
But I'm still livin' day to day, forget to put my shoes on
Everyone acting hurt, in the morning, put they bruise on
But people still in jail, free Pump puttin' his blues on
Yes I dress extravagant, but that shit don't matter
'Cause when the choppa come out, blood red finna splatter (Bow Bow)
But I ain't never click-clack, so Mike Tyson can get some chatter
But my left hook, my right, either side you'll be on a platter

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