Always, Then, & Now

After All Th

by Jay Brannan

on Always, Then, & Now (2014)

you're a beautiful man
was cool to hold you
thought i could have you
boy was i wrong

it was a dirty plan
it's time someone told you
you don't hold the world
in the palm of your hand

it must feel freaky to be so sneaky
i guess you thought i'd never know
the one you loved had split, and he kind liked my shit
so you booked yourself a private show

i know i'm nothing special
i've never been the best
but there are thoughts in my head
and a thump in my chest
i'm a little embarrassed
is this part of your plan
i'm not a cardboard cutout
just a lonely man
whose heart is achin'
you're the reason why
so after all this did you
at least get your guy?

we had a few good laughs
talked for awhile and
walked round the island
hands intertwined

i also lied to you
said i liked your tattoo
i was only tryin'
to be kind

you rose up from the east and set into a jest
it was joking at its worst and trickery at best
now i have come to see the big punchline was me
your magic carpet just a vehicle for jealousy


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On After All Th by Jay Brannan

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