Soul Anthems


by Jasmine

on Soul Anthems (2021), S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D)

[Verse 1: Ryan Leslie]
I'm in a fresh pair new kicks
Your Facebook is looking old, time for new flicks
What's the status update? Me
When you break up with him, tell him don't hate me
It's not my fault, cause the difference between he and I
Is my full time job is just being fly
And my gold is Coldplay Yellow
If he call crying tell him Ryan said, "get lost!"

[Hook: Jasmine V]
I was running, running
Looking for somebody but I always end up with nothing, nothing
Just a matter of time and I knew my prince was coming, coming
And now I know I found you
Cause you had me at hello, hello, hello

[Verse 2: Jasmine V]
Tryna follow rules but I don't know the protocol
Should I make this move or are you even interested at all
Am I right, am I wrong if my instincts are honest
Then welcome to my heart

[Pre-Hook: Jasmine V]
Yeah I was trying fill this empty space
Looking for someone who can take this pain away
And still somehow I end up feeling lonely
And then I met you, then I met you


[Verse 3: Jasmine V]
Standing on this wall I don't know how to catch my breath
Can you tell I'm watching
Can you feel this beating in my chest
It's for you babe
Don't know why it took so long
To tell you welcome to my heart



[Bridge: Jasmine V]
And the stars must have aligned
For my lucky chance at love
If I met you at this moment
This could be the right time now
Looking in your eyes I say
Welcome to my heart


[Outro: Jasmine V]
Hello my love I'm so glad I met you
Hello my love I won't forget you
Hello my love, my love, my love
Hello, Hello, Hello

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