Jane Lui

Pigeon Woman

by Jane Lui

What are we celebrating today on your so called smile
Put your hands together, for your lips are burning fast
You give them pigeons crumbs of love, everyday you pay
Fresh foes, meek & old, are their tails sagging low?
Have you ever craved an earthquake so the hills are alive in gold?
Have you ever wished for thunder so your screams won't seem alone?

How do you breathe underneath it all?
How do you take the fall on your knees alone?
Listen now the boys are singing Alleluia
Listen now they're singing Alleluia for you

May be you should die today just so you can taste
Your rivered hair to tell St. Joseph patterns of your licks
Suppose to be your own ears suppose to be your heart
Walk through my door now and you're never looking back
You said “I'll follow my love.” but he's got the easy end
‘Cause pigeons never follow the one without the bread

Don't lean against the redwood, it might fall
I'll bring you a penny angel
I'll bring you a penny road angel while you fall

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On Pigeon Woman by Jane Lui

By Will


Was it the song you were looking for? No

Hi all! I’m looking for a song I can only vaguely recall what it was about. Something like a man who wishes/dreams about following his lover around as a bird, and his lover works on a ship and that’s where he watches him or something. Sorry it’s so vague but I can’t find any idea of this song anywhere! Please someone help!
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