James Franken

All of Her Heart

by James Franken

on Midway Music

I asked her "how are you?…" and she told me the usual
It's so sad how bad I feel and it's funny because I felt even worse when I was usin' you
What we used to do is different from what we did now
I was lovin' the summer, but then I realized now that things are goin' good and I'm done runnin' around
It's way too late and it's up in a cloud
I feel guilty, and it's sad because you don't believe
Anything I say anymore but I don't blame you
Just know I wish you the best, and if you end up with another strange dude that's a shame too
My game improved it sorta came when i cried every lie that I've been tryna use to sustain you
Every time you needed a ride, or someone to ride beside remember when i came through
But I guess that's just what pain do--and that stitch is a shame too
Every time I tried I did it feelin' shameful
That's why in the end i felt that you deserved the plain truth

Came home late…broke my bike on the way home
Sorta of wish that it had rained all day
All these people askin', LOOK I'm doing great okay
I appreciate your support but i could lay off weight
On this delayed flight, at least i got to take off safe
While she made right, i was doin' free-based white
At least that shit was huff and i ain't need'a meet that guy
Anyways, now I'm changed i ain't got the time for that
Stepped back and realized that i still got my mind intact
So now I'm climbin' back in time to track my mind and where I lied it last, its probably layin' in a pint of yack
I cut the cord but at least i got my spinal back
And I'm FINE with that, like how you looked when we was fightin' last
I miss every single day we had
Woke up every morning thinking how'm i gonna make ya laugh
Them cheesy things i said, boo, id never take em back
Unless it was the only way to make ya let me take ya back
I tear up every time i hear us in my mind, ain't it sad
The way i see my ex girl is knew how to make a man

Feel like its time for me to make amends...


(i took too much…abused your trust
I took too much…and used your love)

Its like all he ever think about is how to drive down his dreams w/o gettin' out
His expectations are raised, hes going crazy, amazed, that no one's wit'em, all his homies yelling simmer down…
His moms swear she raised a civil child
But now when she asking for help he tell her in a while
Like she just important as homework or something corny and boring
(you might be the most conceited ass ho-)
Ya thinking of a distant child

(i took too much…abused your trust
I took too much…abused your love)

I took too much...
Including you for granted, I'm feeling used, abandoned
I'm tryna use this bandage that I've derived from damages, frozen manikins, panicin', left her standin' in the rain open handed
Pain only stands a
Chance when I'm not making change for the answers
Cause then id only be looking out for whats good for ME
They wouldn't make that the key to life, man, it couldn't be…

Every stain on this earth just needs an angel on their shoulder
We all people, we all equal, we all good, we all evil
We all daughters and sons, we all sequels
We all mess up sometimes, just unwind
Don't stress on your mistakes, just learn from em
Your turns comin' to earn somethin'

(singing along with "The Light" sample)
There are times when you need someone…I will be by your side
There is a light that shines special for you and me...

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On All of Her Heart by James Franken

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