Visions Beyond


by Jamal

on Visions Beyond (1992)

[Verse 1: Jamal]
Uh Listen to my heartbeat Kanye said kill em and I said that I got em b This last year I been plotting and planning on how Ima how to take over the globe and kill em single handed came up with a plan to drop this mixtape without feats it's coming out this summer just and some hot beats like this one I swear this a hot like the summertime out there over in Oakland uh, I'm so real I swear to god I wonder why I don't have a label deal but this the year if not the next one before you know one day I'm gone be one top son uh, hot gun I'm the hot one before you know it one day I'm gone be on top son


[Verse 2: Jamal]
Back at it again told that once before we coming hear to win you know me don't let them words catch you slippin like a tech nyne hit you it'll have you dripping and I don't wanna have to do that but you niggas aggravating me with your corny rhymes on your notepad you need to throw away your notepad that shit is so sad you probably hope you make it big provide for your mom and dad and have a hot wife with a house on the hill but the rap shit ain't no fantasy this shit all real I'm the one thats gone make it I'm the one one that's gone blow I'm ready to go man so lets start the show uh, drop bars on a daily and my mom and pops taught me well so labels don't try to play me Black City Hustlaz they my family and they gone always be my family till the death of me uh

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On Heartbeat by Jamal

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