What You Want Intro

by Jada Imani

on Jojoba (2020)

What you want, what you want want, what you want want, [what you really want] (x hella times)
I know ya
I will hold ya
Ah, go forward x2
Don't play small, don't play dumb
They tried to tell us all that we are not enough
Ain't gotta take another's just to get you some
What do you want the most
Grow or be comfortable
Have you running on the track like three laps
When it call you back, don't relapse
We are not the same, we are different
I been in my lane, where you been
I know I frustrate when I do this
Set the record straight, where the tunes is
You can't hidе it long, we know right from wrong
We know you desеrve what you been missing huh
Welcome to this EP
This is the second of the First Friday series
Where I'm dropping a three-track project every First Friday for six months
With a different producer
This producer is Taylor Aye, y'all
Super talented, multi-talented in fact. Make sure to check out his work
I'm so grateful to be here on this track right now

In the middle of this this journey as an emerging artist
Thank you for all the support with the first one, here we go
This is about us deserving what we want
And you have to really ask yourself
It takes bravery to admit to yourself one: what your dreams are
And even more courage on top of that to go for it
To go for whatever you want, however you want it
So this is me asking you as many times as I possibly can
"What you want?"
"What you WANT want?"
This is me challenging us to go for it and not settle on anything in our lives
Because we deserve it. We are worthy
So I hope you enjoy these vibes. Dive right into this tape, and the catalog that came before it, and stay tuned for what's next
If I am blessed to continue to wake up and keep doing it
Thank you for being here
Alright, oh and my name is Jada Imani. I'll be your MC. peace!

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On What You Want Intro by Jada Imani

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