One Time

One Time (feat. Moses Woods)

by J-Kel

on One Time (2018)

Love me in the morning
Fight me in the evening
Why you hit him up girl
Try to catch me sleeping
Swear I'm going crazy
See you on the weekend
I'm just being honest
Think I'm going off the deep end
But I'm like how she be so elegant
Damn she hit my cell again
Why you acting celibate
Think you need J-Kel on it
I just wanna make hits with you
And get big with you
Late nights in Malibu

She told me I look juicy and she might blow
Bad b****** act boujee I don't like those
I be in that 2 seat wearing white tho
Whole team rockin' stussy and we might smoke (we might smoke)
Gotta leave em like ooh he got it bumping
Playing games with yourself and you're salty
Yeah and lil Mosey Woods got it poppin'
Crest boy I'm flossin'
Said she know i'm saucin'
Vicks for the coughin'
Wrist so cold drop dead in a coffin
Nah but she don't wanna dance tho
Fresh off the commas
Wrist check the bands tho
G's on my neck b**** you could see the cash flow
She just say she want me I say I be where that a** go
No and I ain't tryna waste your time
Got hella bad b****** gotta break those spines in

Playing with your feelings
I know that you don't like that
I just send a text and then she just hit me right back
She just took a spill and now she gotta catch a flight back
I just keep on cashin' I should go and get a night cap
Love it when she look at me and say "I know you like that"
Afterward she hit me with a “I know what you like Jack”
Why you acting like that?
Swear that s*** be so wack
We just caught a cab and yeah I think that I might smash

Said it's okay
Said she mad why these hoes gotta play
Xbox one 2 remotes with the game
Pour that four like a storm with the rains
Heart so cold how she roll with the blades
That's Kristi Yamaguchi
Brands is the gucci's
Said she watching movies
I just wanna see you in that 2 piece
Champagne pop in that jacuzzi
Tell em what's good
Yeah I'm reppin' what's real
I don't give a f*** how a b**** finna feel I'm just keepin' it a 100 and then I keep it up
Said that she don't give no f**** yea
I'm tryna, I'm tryna stack it up
All the hoes round me they'll back it up
Yeah and while they trippin' bout s***
I'm just tryna get rich and I'm piping your

Okay, okay, okaay
Okay, okay, okaay
When you see me in the Chi say hey
Take me to another place
Higher level elevate
She just tryna call me babe
But that's not okay

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On One Time (feat. Moses Woods) by J-Kel

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