J Dilla

Sounds Like Hate

by J Dilla

Esse es me siento
Uh yea look
Reporting live
Southside (chicago)
I'm just mufuggin foster childx2
Notice. Ugh

If I can turn back the hands of time
Id tell my ex this relationship you can save it
If I can look my father in his eyes
I say b*tch n*gga I made it
If I can make it out to church in time
I say look father I made it (God)
If Bernie Mac was still alive
I'd shake his hand and say n*gga you were the greatest look
I wrote this for my soul to listen
I spit this verse with the soul intention to make a difference
I used to worry bout my mistakes & a pot to p*ss in
& I'm now im living with no regrets and a chance to make it
Ask aboutcha boy. You can see for yourself
If you see him now
Youll be amazed with his Progress
Since I didn't get an A on my projects I put it on this tape & let it play through the projects
Writing to myself
With a pen and a pad
Praying to myself
As I look in the past

Its Mr. TELLmehaveyouhadadream
That you were chasing screens
And they all were movie green cue man don't cut the scene
Wu tang about the cream

But Lemme switch it up
Hard day at work so let me clock out

When I use my mind
Im Creating a lane
I listen to my heart
So I'm just chasing a dreams
When Im on the stage man I feel like jay
But When I'm in the studio
I feel like Drake I'm thinking to myself
Why do I feel so alone
& no this not So Far Gone
But im not far from it
Times are different now
I'm still growing

My n*gga I done seen it all
I can write a couple books
I cheated death a couple times
& I'm just only 23
I'm just trying to live that life
Cuz I won't get to see it twice
I know you prolly seen me spaz
I'm sorry I just need some love
I wish that we could live forever
And I just wanna be free
My favorite rapper living off of millions
If Anything is possible
Then I just wanna chance too
They try to tell me how I should think
Couple months ago my mother died
Kanye west you not the only one
n*gga I don't need the fame
I just wanna play the game
I just want what I deserve
I just wanna save a life
I just wanna change the world
Is that too much I'm not asking for much I'm not asking for much
I want that Donald Trump money
Only Aquarius ll understand
You see this flow I copped is raining from the heavens
See the angels round me
I pray to God he never take it from me
& if he do I hope my soul is on the clouds with the gate surrounded
& have the angels right there waiting for me

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