J. Cole

Kendrick Lamar

by J. Cole

di*k hard like Rottweiler
Can you handle it? Can you handle it? Woo woo, woo woo

The whole industry been in shambles
Everybody fugazi, I'm just changing the channel
Kendrick Lamar, the people's champion, I'm animal for analysts
Career damaging verses, meditating with candles lit
I like my raps extra prolific
Since freestyling on lunch tables and park benches
And I won't mention my ten thousand hours in training
While juggling gang-banging, my balancing was tremendous
And now we look at the competition as quick submission
They tappin' out before we even get a chance to miss ‘em
What this about, is it money or skill?
Maybe it's both and I got large amounts of it, it's real
You see my oath is very unbreakable, my style is never mistakable
I can see y'all incapable
To be the God emcees, you know me well
Ridiculous, venomous, hate in my heart, the sinister
Run for cover, my lineage prove itself
I'm rollin' deep in that paper like two Adeles
Before scholars, I flowed tighter than virgin lips
We had to shake the game up and you're flying through turbulence
Everything is high stakes nowadays, that's how it played nowadays
It's like an 8-ball to the face nowadays
I'm laced nowadays, my gun is off the waist nowadays
It's seven figures and retainer for the case nowadays, I'm talking
Hiiigher power, every other hour since Eddie Bauer
Since stash boxes and lead showers, breaking the padlock
And the dead coward dying a thousand deaths, entire lion
Surround itself with bears, watch it n*gga, you share a profit, ah!
This is what they want, I'm the one
This is vintage from nineteen-eighty-somethin'
I'm the son of the pioneer that got you near the sun
Play with him, b*tch you better off voting for Donald Trump
I'm yelling Mr. Kanye West for president
He probably let me get some head inside the residence
I'm in the White House going all out
Bumping College Dropout, God-bless Americans
Nothing more influential than rap music
I merge jazz fusion with the trap music
I mix black soul with some rock and roll
They never box me in, I'm David Blaine-ing all you hoes
Oh yea, let's go there, my DNA is DMT, I'm so rare
My Juvenile was wilder than the Nolia
A locomotive couldn't track me down in my career
Runnin' this sh*t with four pair, son of my b*tch, I might demolish
A b*tch right in front ya, chico, what have you done here?
D-Bo, all of it one year, Mississippi to California
It gets annoying, n*ggas wanna deploy him
And b*tches wanna adore him, but industry sh*t ain't for him
Probably thinking it's for him, only one me
Swallowed the key and kicking the door in, never leasing my foreign
Mr. Valevictorian studied the game before them
Listen to you with boredom, baby rappers, abort them
To the grave I deport them, corporations extort them
I'm snapping off my endorphins, I alien mighty morphin'
My radiance rather gorgeous, hundred bill to the doorman
Hundred mil in my fortune, they call me back in the morning
You're racing against the tortoise, pace myself it's important
Lace myself with the wisdom my playerism enormous
So pay the man for performance, saucy all of my garments
Jimi Kendrix performing, this f*cking studio haunted (Ah!)
I tell a b*tch don't sweat me (Don't sweat me)
I kill this whole f*ckin' beat if Cole let me (Please Cole)
Ib should've never sent the instrumental
Every time I start writing I get sentimental
This sh*t is just not fair
But why the f*ck should I care?
The story of your life here
Two young stars was born and y'all gon' die here
Oh Lord, gotta be the yams
Billboard list need 2Pac, damn
But number 9 makes sure he lives on, yeah
Hoochie, coochie, pussies in a trance
Every day a celebration, but even the valley peaking me
Is not validation, n*gga this TDE
And my doggies be salivating, salaries, better ratings
And casualties all around me, don't make me do demonstrations
Murder my allegations and burning my finger traces
Adjourning my power patience and earning royalty payments
I'm sorry y'all not relating, this party is reservated
I kill this whole muthaf*cking beat if J. Cole say it
My n*gga Ib chopped the instrumental, I gotta slay it
I gotta lay it, gotta show you f*ckers I'm not to play with
The ruckus had been my favorite, King Kunta the f*ckin' greatest
Burnin' my leather-
(Nah I'm just f*ckin' wit cha)

[Kayla Duckworth: Laugh]

Ten toes to the ground

[Hook 1]
Let's get the proceedings proceeding this evening
No Promethazine I'm a king, no leaning
I got a better way to fight these demons
f*ck do you know ‘bout my pain? blaow
Let's get the proceedings proceeding this evening
No Promethazine I'm a king, no leaning
I got a better way to fight them demons
f*ck do you know ‘bout my pain?

[Verse 1]
If I quote it n*gga, I wrote it n*gga
Six head shots, I'll erode a n*gga
Pop another clip and I'm reloaded n*gga
Ain't no way around it, I'm the coldest n*gga
Do a n*gga dirty life's a coal, my n*gga
Get you cleaned up then I fold you n*gga
Shout out to the haters who promote a n*gga
Flow hot, whip cold, I'm bipolar n*gga
But I don't like to talk about a Rover n*gga
Keep this sh*t a hundred, I just sold it n*gga
Tired of police looking at me like I stole it n*gga
Probably just gonna cop a lil Corolla n*gga
Don't need a rollie on to know I'm getting older n*gga
Dreamville going way up like a floater n*gga
Couple hands out like I owe them n*ggas
Where was you when the Civic was getting towed my n*gga?
No snakes in the grass cause I mowed it n*gga

[Hook 2]
f*ck do you know ‘bout my pain?
(Right there let me get that there)
f*ck do you know ‘bout my dreams?
(If you really believe it, gotta talk about it
You heard about what happens when you talk about it
n*ggas lookin' at you funny when they start to doubt it
f*cking up your energy when you start to doubt it too)
Rollercoaster ride
(Start to doubt it too)
How much do it cost?
(Start to doubt it)
If I take a ride, f*ck around get lost
(Shoutout my n*gga Ib)
Rollercoaster ride, how much do it cost?
(El Presidente and sh*t)
(He want me to talk my sh*t for y'all)
If I take a ride, f*ck around get lost

[Verse 2]
Cole world you should stay off this di*k
I sold out the Garden, I should play for the Knicks
Took a couple minutes and I sold out Staples
A n*gga getting cream like an old ass Laker
But I ain't coming to talk about all that paper
That's what they talk about when they ain't got sh*t to say
Can't understand why n*ggas never got sh*t to do
You know the saying, same sh*t n*gga, different day
I never felt that, no way
Cause on the same day a n*gga doing different sh*t
Spit different flows hit different chicks
Let my Brixton hoes feed me fish and chips
Why I do a lot of shows? I'm the sh*t, that's it
Got suicidal doors, I just slit my wrists
Never stingy with the hoes word to Cliff and Chris
So if I f*ck six b*tches I got six assists n*gga
The flow sick as sh*t, catch ebola if you bit this sh*t
I never take, I invent the sh*t then flip the sh*t
Then lick the sh*t, and bit the sh*t back twice, I'm that nice, woo
What's the plan?
Cole keeps snapping like a Mustard jam
Got a middle finger for Uncle Sam
I done paid so much taxes I can fund Japan
But instead they make a young n*gga fund the man
Same man that keep a young n*gga under, damn
I just c*cked back n*gga and my gun don't jam
On a scale from one to ten I'm a hundred grand

It's Cole f*ckin' world n*gga
Dreamville in this motherf*cker, Top Dawg in this motherf*cker
"When you and K. Dot sh*t drop?"
b*tch never, they can't handle two Black n*ggas this clever
But this February, bet sh*t get scary when I f*ck around and drop...
(Censor Tone)