by IxharXaki

Where are u now
I'm feel pain in here
Why you give me scars to me
Why you give fake hope to me
Fuck you, fake hope and love

This industry Is ducking kill me
I want to stop to make this sound
But I want more experience and experiment
Just, where are u now.

Don't be like that
Don't kill yourself, because of my friends
And you make me feeling die
Fuck no, just tell me where are u now
Fuck No

Shot Effect)

With This Project
You Will Entering My Mind
You Feel My Genius
Feel My Energy
Feeling My Vibe
Feeling My Pain
And Feeling My Heart

I Hope You Like This Album And
I Know My Voice Is Trash, Sucks Whatever You Want
But If You Still Listening To This Album, I'm Very Very Appreciate To You
I Hope You Like It
And Enjoy The Album

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On INTRO (WAUN?) by IxharXaki

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