by Иван Дорн

on OTD (2017)

[Verse 1]
Drop me somewhere
I am wasted and I really don't care
Zigzagging on the sidewalk – superstar of the block
They call me “the ladies best man”
I got hot girl, locked in my basement
She rides me like a wild gorse, no mercy babe
No grace no remorse

Stay away of my play
I'll be good, but not today

[Verse 2]
Weightlessness vibe
I am wasted and also so high
I am tripping on the dance floor
But always want more
It's not enough for me though
They teach me, they pushing me down
But I don't give a
Cuz I am underground
They love me! You wanna know why?
Cuz I am a cool guy
And I never cry

Stay away of my brain

[Verse 3]
The world is going down
I'm still wasted
I'm a king of this town
No future, but the present is so bright
Let's make it tonight
Addicted to this kind of lifestyle
No worries, I'm always stepping out of the line
My business, my choices, my life, my life –
Being wasted all the time
I'm a reckless mind
I'm wasted all the time

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On Wasted by Иван Дорн

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