Kris Kreezus

I'm In It (The Chimney)

by Kris Kreezus

on Kreezus

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
Damn your bricks very rough
Covered up in soot n' stuff
And I think I see a dead bird
Ho Ho Ho is what you heard
Gift Bags, Reindeer, jingle bells
Presents, gifts, bows, coal, Kris Kringle bells
So many gifts, I need to crash
Empty bag, stockings full, gifts at last
Thank Claus almighty, they gifts at last
Silent as a mouse and I'm leavin' fast
You want a gift for your cat, didn't even ask
Just kiddin', I brought him a toy, he'll have a blast
Stuck in a chimney, all those hours lost
Eatin' Christmas cookies, all I need was milk as dippin' sauce
Fire place? Please turn the power off
Tub covered in soot when I turn the shower off

[Bridge: Assassin]
That's all Santa can do, say what? (Ho Ho, Ho Ho)
That's all Santa can do
We deal with Santa ting
Just a Santa ting, a' fat man do
Santa thing, you a fat man thing

[Verse 2: Assassin]
I'm a Santa if you know say
Respect we know gifts, It's Christmas day Try that 'pon December 25th
That's right, we talkin' Santa's sleigh
When we roll 'up 'pon your roof
Yeah badda we givin' gifts, like a Toys R' Us
When we roll 'up 'pon your roof
Yeah badda we givin' gifts, like a Toys R' Us
And your roof's covered in slush
Ho ho ho ho ho ho it's Christmas day

[Hook: Kanye West and Justin Vernon]
That's right I'm in it
(Talkin' bout the Chimney)
I'm in it
(Chimney's hard to climb)
That's right
(Yeah, It's a chimney)
I'm in it
(Singin' bout that chimney)
That's right, I'm in it
(Don't burn nothin' in the chimney)
I'm in it
(Chimney is a Chimney)
Saint Nick's got a ruby red nose
But climbin' chimney's is hard on your clothes

[Verse 3: Kanye West]
Ho, picked up where we left off
Ho, turn that T.V. set off
Ho, you watching Christmas specials
Ho, you got lotsa tinsel
Ho, you love your toe with missiles
Ho, wrap a whole lotta gifts now
Ho, You know it's Christmas time
Livin' room's bright, it's Christmas light time
Red gifts with a white twine
Jingle bells at the right time
Open gifts like HOOOOOOOO!

[Hook 2: Assassin, Justin Vernon, and Kanye West]
I'm in the Chimney and I can't get out
(That's all dem can do (Wiggling legs)
I'm in the Chimney and I can't get out
(Wiggling Legs)
(Wiggling Legs)
It's a Santa ting
Just a Santa thing, a' fat man do Saint Nick's got a ruby red nose

[Bridge: Justin Vernon]
Say you got a gift for me, for you
Hey, gifts and presents rule
Gift Giver
Gift Giver
Gift Giver
Ho, Ho

[Outro: Kanye West]
Givin' lotsa gifts right now
Ho, Christmas tree full of lights now
Ho, got the cookies-and-the-milk life
Ho, elf hammer and drill life
Ho, there ain't shit for the bad kids
Ho, they'll have coal for a nightlight
Ho, North pole like the klondike
Ho, cookies make me wanna take a bite
Ho, Santa start a new movement
Ho, Little drummer boy drummin
Ho, Droppin' yuletide beats
Ho, pa rum pum pum pum pummin
Ho, these gifts I am giftin
Ho, Rudolph's nose is glowin
Ho, I be giftin' soda streams-ees
Ho, Don't need no gift reciept-ees