Clouds (Nefelibata)

by IiMZ

on Church?

Not coming down. I'm in the sky with my
Mind in the clouds. My eyes pulling down
They clocking me now. God on my mind and I'm
Knocking them down. We rocking them now (x2)
Not coming down. Never. Mind in the clouds. Forever. (x2)

(Verse 1)
Yo I'm tryna preach what we were never taught to learn. Man I'm
Tryna make them tracks that simply must be heard
I've been waiting for the greatness. I've been tryna be the greatest
I been talkin' 'bout the savior. They gon think I'm goin crazy
I love Megan Goode. I need a wife as bad as her
I need me a wife so fine she make me bad at words
Jesus Christ know if I find her imma marry her
Jesus Christ I need to see a life that's after earth
Jesus Christ I hope I earn the right to pass the purge and make it
I need all my homies with me. I repent. Do you forgive me?
That depends on if you hear me. If you do I know you with me
Don't depend on humans. You might go down in the deep end sinking
I'd be on a few offenses. I'd be trippin'. Down and out
I been wil'in' out, like I done forgot what I'm about
I'm the preacher with a Nina and I hold it on my mouth and I ain't
'Bout to hold my tongue. We can watch the heater run


(Verse 2)
Yo I'm good at this. I think I'll keep on doin this forever
Man this music thing gon' make me and I'm only getting better
I've been praying God would bless me and protect me on my way
And I'm surely on my way okay. We mobbin' til we make it. I've been
Facing tribulation but my situation cool
But it could be better. 'Bout to fix my situation soon
With this entertainment basically we 'bout to burn the roof
We gon let that mother burn. Turn they heads and soon they'll learn
We don't play no games at a mic. Hit it right. Get live. Your brain, get it right. Man there's
Too much hate in your life. We just wanna have it up lame brain get a life
I been out for all this cash I think an angel would suffice though
Shout out to Griiimy now your homie finally got some nice clothes and I'm
Not comin down. No. Homie not right now people love my
Sound and my style bro. So the bass gone pound. Speaker's
Knockin'. If you rockin' let me get inside your mind. Got my
Cross up on my wall and got my future on the line and so I'm



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On Clouds (Nefelibata) by IiMZ

By Andrew


Was it the song you were looking for? No

in silence no one answers but i still hear your voice if you'd only come hold me if you'd only come tears flow sorry im late again
if you hear me if you see me won't you come closer tears flow sorry im late again

Anyone know who sings this? Heard in a show called Its ok to not be ok. Only two lines I can clearly hear.
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