Dead or Alive / Paradise / Lifeless


by IamNix

on Dead or Alive / Paradise / Lifeless (2018)

[Verse 1]
All I need you showing me the way
Oh lord please take me away
From all the fray
Give mes scared vibes
From all these lies
Take me to the sky
I will rise and look into your eyes
You are wise
I highly advise
To promise me
Keep my distance
From this hell
I can hear the church bells
I feel so well
I can smell it
The paradise I'm reaching
On my knees preaching
No more screeching
I'm breaching into your home
Shooting them straight to the dome
Fighting all demons
Who destroy my feelings
Makes me steaming
Gives me a reason to fight all treason
I can hear them screaming
They deepen the meaning
That we're all redeeming
That's what I'm seeing

Take me to paradise...
Take me to paradise...
Take me to paradise...
Oh lord please, oh lord please

[Verse 2]
You are shining my night
You give me light
Everything will be alright
That's quite a write
I have this on a notepad
They be callin me a madlad
Wait god don't be mad
I'm really not that bad
Nor am I sad
Just a tad bit
I'm declining your hits
They call me brad pitt
From the bars I spit
This was all a skit
I guess this is it
You might as well throw me in the pit
I'm a misfit there I said it
I'm aware, I get it
I bet you haven't slept yet
I'm feeling like a war vet
From fighting these demons
They are legion, no reason
I guess it's that season
That they try to squeeze in
This is the time we all freeze in
Now please give me redemption
I have learned my lession

Take me to paradise...
Take me to paradise...
Take me to paradise...
Oh lord please, oh lord please

[Verse 3]
I found my mistake
For god sake
This is my last take
I will stay awake
Take me away from this ache
From shit people like Jake
Our future's at stake
World's about to break
That's kinda ok
But the devil is a snake
He will feel our quake
From the beat, feel the heat
Burning him into pieces of meat
Take him off the street
It's feeling really neat
Back to the suite
Syndrome with the treats
Once again thanks for the beat
Love you all... Never fail, always prevail

Never fail...
Always prevail...


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On Paradise by IamNix

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