II Kings


by II Kings

on Set Me Free

[Verse 1: Elusive]
I don't know if this is real, or it's just a dream
I only know, how it feels, and to me it seems
Like you feel the same, but if you want me to leave
I'll walk away.. though I just hope that I can leave you with some self-esteem
Cause you're beautiful in every way
But I don't wanna have to die for me to hear you say
That you love me, so when I close my eyes
I know I'll dream of you again, and then I'll wake up to a better day
Where I won't ever be afraid
And I can tell you how I feel, instead of feeling like a slave
If I could let go, but of everything I wanna show you
I just hope that you are glad to see I've stayed
The promises I made, I know I'm gonna keep
Cause when I'm lying in my bed, and I'm not thinking of you
The only thing I'm thinking of is counting sheep
I guess I just can't wait to fall back to sleep..
[Hook: Logan Chapman]
Cause you're the only one I see, when I close my eyes
Ooh, I must be dreaming
And you're the only one I want, in my entire life
They tell me I'm dreaming..
[Verse 2: DMB]
Lady there is no disguise
When you left me you took something from inside..
Baby stare into my eyes
And accept me for the man I have to hide..
Lately there are no replies
So the next thing is to look up to the skies..
Maybe there will be no lies
I'm attempting to return to paradise..
Yo, to be a new me I never was
Uh, you won't excuse me but heaven does
So if you are moving, then you are losing
And I am choosing to get the gloves
Cause you've shown me the ropes
I've been thrown down these slopes
Now I'm going down these roads
But I only dream, cause all I need is hope..
[Verse 3: Elusive]
This must be a dream cause I ain't ever see
Myself this happy - unless it's when I pretend to be
But I ain't gonna fly, cause this time I feel stronger
And I ain't gotta die, to know I'm setting free..
.. It's a new me, and I'm yours to take
But when I close my eyes, I can see what's at stake
It's like a life that I'll never get to live
Though if I'm already broken, then I can never break
But when you're not there, I still fall apart
I guess the only thing I can't break, is your heart
So I'm gonna love you forever
And even then, I'll love you until time circles back around, to the start..
[Hook x 2]

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On Dreaming by II Kings

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