The Roots of Trash

United In The Struggle

by Hyades

on The Roots of Trash (2009)

There's a shout from west to east, going strew through all the earth.
It crosses the frontiers, it climbs up the barricades
It demolished the walls of hate, redesigns old Nations borders
A different range of flags. a different range of faces.
Raising up the struggles, complaining the disease
United is resistance, behind the sing of V
From Derry to Lhasa, San Cristobal de las Casas
Each wall tells a tale, each death tells a story
Gravel thrown at tanks from thousand graves denied
We ain't ghosts, we are alive, We are still spitting blood
A bullet in the forehead or a blue-white rocket strike
Flesh returns to dust but a shout can't be struck dumb
You can call us all terrorist or use the iron first
A day will come when above us there will be only the sky
Rebels we came, and we will die the same
On the cold winds of a night you will find us
United in the struggle - We shall have our day (Tiocfaidh ar la)
United in the struggle - We are different, we are the same
United in the struggle - 'Cause yesterday is tomorrow's pain
United in the struggle

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On United In The Struggle by Hyades

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