by Hundo

on BLACK MALE, 25 (2017)

Aye, you tryna watch Netflix and chill?
Nah, lets just be honest baby girl, you know the deal
Now I ain't talking David bae, I'm tryna cop a feel
And I ain't with that Cosby shit, but are you on the pill?
Aw. Man. I wonder if that was too soon
Been a while since you seen me, its always once in a blue moon
You remember the old me, but you see I got some new moves
And you can play your music, just connect it to my bluetooth
Baby girl don't leave ya boy on read
I'm checking texts, re-reading…is it something that I said?
Don't make me feel defeated, I'm just tryna get some…
Healthy company. and enjoy watching the walking dead
See, back when I was younger, I would pray for tighter waves
But now I'm more mature and I'm just tryna right my ways
I'm a brotha from the Burgh that's tryna make it in LA
But California girl, will you give me the time of day?
Mondays don't work for me, I just hate mondays
Tuesdays I have work…and depending on what my friends say, I don't know what I could do wednseday
Thursday and Friday I'm going to the gym to get it in
Saturday's my fun day…but I guess what I could see is…
What do you wanna do Sunday?
Pshhhhh you ain't calling the shots
Its amusing you assuming that you is when you not
What you doing don't be foolish, make some time on ya clock
We can cool it by the pool at the spot that I got
I just wanna know what you doing this evening
Instead you text me articles, hating on what I'm eating
Like chill with all the videos, yeah you told me you're vegan
But you eat sushi and pizza, I'm sorry…I don't believe it
I'm just a real nigga from the east coast
Ask ya girlfriends and they'll tell ya he's dope
I'm a gentleman and better than these other zeroes
Fragile niggas broke your heart baby they so D. Rose
So what you want, girl? is what I'm tryna say
My time is so important and i ain't got none to waste
Yo i'm from the 412…now I'm in the 818
But California girl, can we try to communicate?
I was thinking we could spend the weekend
But you always chillin, hanging with your girlfriends

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On Sunday by Hundo

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