How I'm Feelin

by N.O.I.S.E.

Okay he step up in it, record finished
Getting spinach, check up in his
List of shit to do he never even missed a step or didn't
Get something he needed
Others thought he was defeated
I ain't Michael Jackson father, boy I promise I'mma beat it
Ain't no obstacles I'm seein
In the morning or the evening
When I'm wake or when I'm dreamin
Best believe that I'm a feind
And boy you know I keep that needle
By my side and no redeemin'
The sins that I've committed when the record get to spinnin
And the chicks they get to grinnin
When I step up in the building
So you know that I'mma Kel it, like my best friends name was Kenan
I ain't carin if you feel it
If you do I hope you hear it
The way it's meant to be
And not just how it is appearing
Good lord I'm so appealing
No tellin how I'm feeling
Like I wake up in the morning and my bed is on the ceiling
My head is lookin down, and the world starin at me
Man all I need a crown and a girl and I'm happy

And ain't no way nobody feelin how I'm feelin right now x4

Okay by now I hope you get it
The kid is so exquisite
I say kid but now you trippin cuz you didn't check the digits
Take a dime and add a six, before you add it gotta flip it
That's a dub less a dollar, man the average isn't quick enough to
Follow where I'm headed
So all alone and bettin that I'm jettin never lettin go
I'm all about my fetti
Like everyday my birthday holla when the cake is ready
Momma up and bakin early
Never knowin that her ethic really what she makin for me
You can't ever take that from me
Man I get that from my money
Said I get that from Mommony
That's a shoutout man it's funny
Won't get it less you know me
Neverless I let the flow release itself upon these phonies
My homies tryna phone me but I'm busy with performing
So I hit em in the morning and we burn blunts to the dome
And when we finished they relaxin
But I'm dippin cuz my passion
Won't allow me to be chillin out the booth when I need tracks done!


Finally I think he made it
Replayed and contemplated all the data
In his brain before he even got to say it
In the game his name is slated
No debating he been waiting
For occasions to be blatant on these haters conversations
No mistaking the relation
Replacing education with vacation on a daily
So I'm changing my location
To a final destination
In the sky wit constellations
So wish upon a star I'mma fly up n trade it places
I'm outta space, as if my room no longer vacant
These haters talkin trash, but my saliva never wasted
With complaining, nor negatin the conditions that I'm facin
My kicks I'm always lacin cuz the game I gotta chase it
Stay relayin information radio station to station
Superhero status all I need me is a cape and then
Im so far gone can't nobody even see me
I know you feel me, but are you feelin how I'm feelin?

I know you feel me, but are you feelin how I'm feelin? X2