Pound Syndrome

Fort Collins

by Hopsin

on Pound Syndrome (2015)

Yeah, early 2014 I was on the Knock Madness tour
I was mad about it, I half-assed my album cause I really didn't know what I was rapping for
I was going through a break up and that was hard
I wasn't in my right mind, nigga that's for sure
Every night I was praying and I would ask the Lord
To please give me strength, so I don't slam the door on my fans
But no luck I was stuck
Even though a nigga had a plus size buzz
I didn't even know who the fuck I was
I tried so hard to see a plus side, but
I couldn't find the spark inside the dark
Even with my crew saying nice remarks
It felt like some darts were stuck inside my heart
I was thinking that a brand new life's the start
But I couldn't leave, I made a commitment
On my off time the fans invaded my business
So I started feeling a gang of resentment
Flipping on everybody when they ain't even did shit
I needed to go home and gather my thoughts
I didn't wanna suicide as the result
So the night at my Fort Collins show before I hit the stage
I left through the back for a walk and no one saw
I thought I was going up to the store to get a drink or somethin'
And a voice had told me to keep walking
And do not step foot on that stage for nothing
So I kept on walking
Then I camped out up in an abandoned house
I hated this rap shit and I hated my life
The spotlight does that when you can't get out
Cause I been on this road, tryna get high from my low
Won't somebody tell me where to go, please cause I don't know
I might be crazy, living life like a circus ape that's strapped into a car seat
And I'm hoping that y'all can forgive me, Fort Collins, I'm sorry
Fort Collins, I'm sorry, Fort Collins, I'm sorry
Fort Collins, I'm sorry, Fort Collins, I'm sorry
(Money and the fame)
(Money and the fame)
It just doesn't feel so right lately
(Money and the fame)
Don't know where I'm going tonight baby
(Money and the fame)
It just doesn't feel so right
Don't know where I'm going tonight
Someone guide me to the light, please
I got a girl back home, yeah
God know she the sweetest thing on earth
I can't sleep on her
But there's too many women on tour and I try not to cheat on her
Man, my options for pussy are unrealistic
There's bitches who'd give up a lung for this dick
My music be leaving 'em sprung and twisted
The average nigga would have fun with this shit, that's real
Here is a secret, you don't have to keep it between you and I
Upcoming rappers who 'bout to be touring, I promise the road will eat you alive
But you know that shit when you rise
And by no surprise, I'm not gon' feed into the lies
No, I'm not gon' say that you wrong
But I'm not gon' say that you right, it's hard to keep quiet
When all I do is hold you down
If I ain't know you then, well I feel like I know you now
I know you had a little doubt, but to hop off stage and find out
You done walked out, and you not taking nobody calls
You don't wanna deal with it
But I'm looking at these fans like damn there's a lot of y'all
You got me tripping with the bodyguard
Like "Nigga, how the fuck you lose the headliner?"
Now I don't care that you left the show
I just wish you woulda let me know
Cause I don't know if you've been kidnapped
Or know somebody from the city where they live at
But, the way you went about it make it hard for me to feel bad
Honestly it made a nigga real mad
Cause I'm texting you like Hop the devil just testing you
When Fort Collins got respect for you
And that's why the next day, you was like

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On Fort Collins by Hopsin

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