by Hickman L.A.

on Big 3 (2019), K.I. (2017)

(Bridge 1)
My sole intent was to be happy throughout all of this. That was it
And I felt like, that was getting tossed under the rug in terms of who I am as an individual
Are you happy now?
Oh I'm....I'm ecstatic

I'm the underdog you underestimated
You was supposed to do it all, now you potential wasted
Hating from afar, you make me sick
In the stands talking shit, you can suck my dick

Rap's Leviathan
Excalibur with the pen, King Arthur when I'm writing shit
Crazy instruments I rap over
A bunch of sounds, but you won't hear The Worlds Smallest Violin

No sympathy, simply cause
They envy me, mirror me, and lose sight of them
I outgrew the fish bowl that I was in
RIP to Aaliyah, time to try again

(Verse 1)
I'm sky high, living life as Sci-Fi
Connecting to your soul through Wi-Fi
It's all love, how you fight such a cause?
We just tryna stay even and rise against the odds

But if you want war, come correct, I don't play
With the pen, I kill more men than old age
The kid from L.A. got the game in a stalemate
Gave my voice a platform, ain't, shit you can tell me

Killer Instinct, on my Kyrie Irving Shit
Give me the mic, watch me murder shit
Fly like aero-planes, Na more like aerospace
Every track I create straight bump like turbulence

I do what I do
Don't care what you do, cause it's You vs. You
And that's word to Lu, man the shit that's I spit
Keep my feet on the ground like gum under my shoe foreal

(Bridge 2)
Certain individuals have definitely taken a stance
But positive repercussions have never come

(Verse 2)
They don't wanna see Rappers get lyrical
Don't want us to be Human, and be spiritual
Don't wanna see athletes get political
But that's what happens when The Captain is an imbecile

Times we living in are critical
Phones'll give us homicide visuals digital
Record a man die for World Star streams
But when the Cops ask what happened? You ain't seen a thing

They like “L.A., lay off the conscious tip”
They mad cause I'm Chuck Norris with the Knowledge Kick
Puppet masters wanna see you die before you profit
I'd rather die than not acknowledge it

To be aware's to be alive
Can't believe all seen with a pair of eyes
I treat beats like canvases
Paint a picture vivid, here, caption this!

You mad that I made it
I'm glad I'm not a statistic, I don't fit that calculation
I see everything in gold, I'm Neo in The Matrix
I'm The One that cracked the code, The Catalyst to Innovation

The West get it crackin like bad backs
Where everybody strapped like Mad Max
I satisfy your Rap Appetite
This is Rap Candy, Rap Caviar, and Rap Snacks

Killer Instinct, on my Kyrie Irving Shit
Gimme the mic, watch me murder shit
Now I don't really mean to sound absurd and shit
But I'm the best, that's the best way to word the shit

2Pac told biggie to shorten up the wordplay
Mainstream ears don't listen in the first place
Spit too real, you get killed in the worst case
Is that the worst case?

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On K.I. by Hickman L.A.

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