by Henny Honey

on Slip Up (2022), Choices (2005)

[Verse 1]
Just thinking bout you got me going so crazy
On some real shit tho, I just wanna be your baby
Shit I don't know, why you got me fiening
I just wanna have you to my self I'm conceited
And, the worst part you don't know how I feel
How can I be obsessed, it's like I'm on a pill
Just seeing your face, can make my heart race
Or that cute fucking smile, it can make my whole day
Shit, I just want you, but you don't know
I wanna love you so bad, you don't know
And I won't ever forget you, nope never
How can I forget a boy, I thought was my forever

But you don't know
You don't know
You do not know

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On Josiah by Henny Honey

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