by Helmet

on Betty (1994), Unsung: The Best Of Helmet 1991-1997 (2004)

Sorry for myself, I've lost my
Kharmic wealth but
I can take from you with antiseptic stealth
I'll dig my own grave, get my
Front yard paved
There's always a penny earned
Another dollar saved

What lies ahead

I always my point, soak
Bread in dirty oil
'right's' too strong a word
The neighborhood's been spoiled but
I know what I know, stuck that
Inner glow
I don't have time to learn
I said I know what I know

I'm wrong, I won't admit it
I won't get it

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On Rollo by Helmet

By Michael Read


Was it the song you were looking for? No

Looking for a song with the lyric
" a shallow fry in dirty oil"
Maybe 80s guitar band?
Any ideas?
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