Easy 2 Hate

Been A Long Time

by Haystak

on Easy 2 Hate (2010)

Now allow me to reintroduce myself
My name Stak, and from way way back
I've been getting paid for my appearance on track
You a clearance rack rapper, ballin' on a budget
Trying to push it on the public, but if that's you, fuck it
When I was broke, I smoked economic strain
When I was heartbroken, I depicted the pain
Before the rap dope, I spoke cocaine
Al la mota, trucks, and planes
Truckers, pilots, guns, and violence
No airbags in it, probably used to be my shit
But I ain't driving, I had somebody drive it
Time passes on, gotta be so private
The statutes of limitations allow me to tell you more about Jason
The story, the saga, not guilty your honor
The man behind the don, the whale off in the water
The godfather of this white boy rap shit
Speak a different opinion and get kidnapped bitch
Classy, never flashy, epic shit
That I'm gonna spit til them alpha bits come get me
Richly blessed, who would've guessed
That I'd see my way through my 20's, I'm gonna die getting money
Hip-hop's waiting on a heart transplant
And I love her so much, I'd give her mine, and
Conduct surgery, fuck the jewelry
Do you before you have a chance to do me
And leave it in the hands of a judge and jury
What I gave his bitch ass was a piece of the fury
I'm angry, they say I'm not the same me
My money changed them, and then they changed me
All night, counting different denominations
Carpel tunnel, in the game no worker's compensation
Real talk, I'm measuring my conversation
Weighing them so I know what they're worth when I'm saying them
The word man, I've got syllables and nouns
Ten years ago, you've might've found some pounds
But now the mic's the strap
The banks the scape
The crew's still the crew
But my rhymes are weight
I'm no fuck boy, I erupt volcanic
Should've learned your lesson about not listening, Bin Laden
Madden ain't the pros, Myspace ain't the industry
That line's gonna have a lot of people pissed at me
I'm destiny, I'm the fate of hip-hop
KRS move his mouth, I'm gonna open him up
Show improve, I live and die by the drive-by
Easier to find than wi-fi
Y'all SCI-FI, but I'm down to earth
Y'all nerds who don't know what a pound is worth
Never worked a vacuum sealer, boy stop lying
You're not a hustler, young pimpin', you a client
Buying more drugs than you ever sold
You a junkie on the low from what I was told
I'm back and I'm going in on anything lookin' at me
Exactly what the game needed, open hand smacking
Wake up, I'm bout to shake up shit
God forbid you wake up in the middle of it
Like, What the fuck?
Mother fucker don't move
There ain't a mother fucker in this room I won't do
This is the return of the big ass white boy
Back with my head right
Still ain't got caught dead, red light
Fight, fight, fight, fight (echoes)
Until there's nothing left to fight about
If tonight's the night, fuck it then I'm going out
It's been a long time, I shouldn't left you
Without some white boy shit to rep to

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On Been A Long Time by Haystak

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