El Morado


by Hakim

on El Morado (2019)

Tell me when it's about 20 seconds
W and E

Let me tell you about a dysfunctional family
It was 9 of us, I'm breaking down the family tree
I don't even know, Where I should start?
Should I speak on happy memories?
Or how we all done fell apart ( Yeah )
It was happy beginnings
You know the usual
But life got in the mix
And we got molded in the crucible
And we grew old and witnessed things that changed our life forever
But I wouldn't trade it
Nor would I have wished to live it better
5140 Myrtle Street is where we grew up
And built our foundation as a family and found love
Oh the nostalgia
Where did we go wrong?
Sometimes when I write these songs
I think I could change the outcome
My parents had 7 of us
For that I loved them because
We grew up never alone
The memories in that home
Oh boy do they hit home
They left a stain in my dome
About to pay that toll
Down the lane with the memories
My foot on the floor
It's time to get in my zone 
It's time to let out the cold
I gotta breath...

Let it out
Let it out

My parents did it all to make sure we was straight
In fact they might of did too much to make sure we was straight
But I can't fault them we in traffic with no right of way
We all got skeletons and do our best so we can hide they face
My dad was always working and that's where I got my grind from
My mom did everything she could to keep a smile on our face
And no matter if we had our rainy days
She was always going to be there to make that we were okay
She the backbone
Remind me of my lady now
And no matter how the times get hard she never threw the towel
But the arguing was frequent
Seen the love start to fade
If we wasn't in the middle
I know that they would have strayed
The bro's and my sisters were close knit
I can't lie I miss the arguments
And when we throw fits
Over who going to play Xbox
Or who going to have that last drop of milk
Wish that we could go back and my time still
My brother Moe was the big brother I always needed
The one who fought my battles if ever I got defeated
I looked up to him but he ain't know it
But maybe it's my fault
Cause half the time I didn't show it
And we ain't even close now
But understand you are my brother
Success don't mean a thing
If we end up losing each other
And it's okay if you look at me and idolize
I can't hold that over head I'm just not that type of guy
I admire that you admire me
Ain't nothing wrong with it
Be yourself
We come from different worlds and that's a perfect fit
Huey & Riley
Ying & Ying
I got ice in my veins
And in your heart you were born with the flame
The red & blue made the hue of color purple
I know we'll get back on track
No matter if there are some hurdles
I love you bro

We pulled overnighter for the first time to Halo 2
Dom remember that?
I swear that night was so cool
Our first sunrise together special it was so new
You always took a bullet for me
You had it rough while growing up cause you the black sheep
For that I love you get in trouble and I'm feeling guilty
Cause I can't do a thing about it and I wish it was me
We got a different bond we close no matter if we don't speak
And for Malaik we use to call each other twins
You was with me In my tougher parts
Moved away from home was about the time
That we discovered our bond together
Crazy growing up and we was at a war
I'm glad we figured out our differences and that's matters more
We kinda distant but I'll give you time so you can find yourself
Time is crucial if you need me hit me, I'll be glad to help
You just got to make sure that you know yourself
Jihad, Farrakhan and my little sister Samirah
I hate your innocents got in the mix because our parents
Too young to comprehend the damage in the marriage
I wish that we could travel in past somehow repair it
But living in your past only inhibits you future
Learning from the past always is the greatest tutor
I'm always late to class but I been the greatest student
Life goes fast
Grab the roses while you're moving

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