Lovers Lie (My Own)



[Chorus 2x]
Lover don't lie to me baby
Yeah don't lie to me baby
You know i got a thing for you baby
Don't want yo money

[Verse 1]
It's funny how you think i'm just like
All the girls that you talk to
But listen lil' playa i'mma tell you
How it goes in my book
You got me hook like the hooks in my song
I'mma always have my own
Just chillen, sittin pretty in my throne
And you tell me that you like me but you don't

But it's okay cause i know
That you want me lowkey


[Verse 2]
Stop frontin like you don't want it
We be up here
All night
I've been chillin
What you doing?
We can do it
All night
See i love the way you ride
I love the way you do
Everything you do to me
We can do it on the low
Ain't nobody gotta know
Baby it's you and me


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On Lovers Lie (My Own) by HANA

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