Guerilla City


by Guerilla Black

on Guerilla City (2004)

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
I can make the sunrise, and the moon fall
When my plane land, you better take it off
Stop playing girl, yeah I'm trying to fuck something
Stop playing girl, yeah I'm trying to fuck something

Check it
You lookin' dope in your Dolce Gabbana boots
Ma there ain't nuthin' I can't do, huh
The motion's in the oceans
My dick game is potent, ma what would give you those notions
Cause I'm fat, I hit it like I'm skinny
Choke up that dro from the IHOP to Denny's
It's your choice, real pretty skin tone
Real pretty voice, that make grown men moan
I like your style, your grace, your face
You tasting better than the icing on the cake
And if I say I'll drink your bath water, huh
You know I'm drinking up your bath water

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

You wanna talk to a balla, don't let them sims stall ya
Slide in ya man's X5, when I call ya
And let ya hair blow
I'm in the Embassy Suite room 304 and don't wear nuthin' under your trench coat
You remind of Lisa Raye
Cut the lights low so we can play and grind till the day
I got chicks in every city
Some classy, some saddity
And two or three bomber than purple chronic in Phillies
From the G4, to the limo, to the penthouse on South Beach
Since I fucking keep my name out your mouth piece
Skin tone alone drive me crazy
I can't imagine being without ya
Everyday is about ya

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

We pushin' six's, they pushin' Grand Cherokees
Forget them dude's ma, hell I'm the man to see
Fulfill fantasies, slap the ass cheek
Like I did my victims in my last robberies, hell
You know the game, the name, 'be-L-A-see-K'
Pop the champagne then blaze the mary j
From the Bay, back to LA now
I'm old school 'Pelle Pelle' with the chain out
Fade to the right a little like Barbershop
I hit it hard enough that half the neighbors call the cops
Sexy chocolate, I got more power than, 'Stunnin Steve Austin'
Yes please take caution

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

[Repeat x4]
Don't bring your girl around
Or her panties coming down

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On Sunrise by Guerilla Black

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